Through the fitness and nutritional guidance of Graylin and Veronica, I was able to achieve the physical requirements that I needed for filming Insurgent! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for hard working, personable trainers, who tailor programs to your specific wants and needs.

-Keiynan Lonsdale

      We will introduce our own brand of vitamins, coming soon!!!

I'm a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner, currently practicing in Norcross, GA. I'm very picky about training methods because I can tell if he/she has knowledge on biomechanics & physiology of personal training. After having several sessions with different trainers. I could tell Graylin is the one I was looking for. Getting strong core was my primary goal and I've achieved it with bonus; I lost 15 lbs even though it was not intended (it's without any cardio exercises). I refer my patients to Graylin if they need "in-depth" core/functional training for rehab. if you're looking for a great trainer who can deliver much more than you goals, Graylin is the one.

- Dr. Woojoon Lim



Randy(30) Lost 80 pounds!!!

Nicole(40) Lost 100 pounds!!!

Tim(50) Lost 80 pounds!!!

Marie(30) Lost 30 pounds!!!

Michele(60) Lost 50 pounds!!!


Healthy Is The New Wealthy

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Proper nutrition plays an enormous role in your success in order to accomplish your fitness goals. However, in today's time, it is extremely challenging to know how to structure one's diet when we are constantly finding new options, scientific claims and the latest fad diets. We can help navigate you and give you knowledge on how to make the changes you've always strive for. Proper nutrition and vitamins will make significant changes to your day-to-day energy, performance, and overall health.

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